Film Services

Engage your audience with videos. Promote your business or event, hire me to film and edit your story.

After Movie

Make an after-movie of your event and promote your business. Your event was a success and one month after you want to keep your audience engaged. After movie videos are perfect to give them back that feeling of connection they experienced during the party.


If you are searching for a video maker to go to your office, store or factory to film your employees, testimonials, make beautiful shots of your working environment, explain who you are and make a corporate movie, you just found one.


Do you want to professionally interview your audience, hear them speak about your product and why they use it? Testimonials are a great tools to show, to new customers, your product’s values and build an online community of loyal customers.


Demonstration videos are powerful tools to explain exactly how your product works; step by step.

Music Video

If you need a music video to promote your new single you are in the right place. Let me know about your music and I can create tailor made music video clip for your music.

Post Production Video Editing

You already have the footage. Now you just need to make your film shine. A cool editing is what you need to send the right message. Add subtitle, titling, color correction for a professional film look and more.

Animation Services

Explain your product, event or services with an animation, or promote your business with motion graphics on social media and other digital platforms.

Logo Animation

Your beautiful logo could be animated and express your brand in few seconds. Make an impact by revealing the logo with an awesome animation. It can be also a couple of seconds to include it in your website and make it more dynamic.

Explainer Animation

Make an explainer video or tell your story with an animation. Especially if your topic is quite abstract or difficult to explain with just words, an animation can set the right tone and visualize something that otherwise would be hard to understand.

Infographics and Data Animation

Make it move! Do you want to create some beautiful animated data to include in your presentation? Or is it for your website?

Social Media Advertisment

Do you want to make a social media campaign for your brand, product, event, or business? You are in the right place. Let me know about you and I can advice on the latest video trend, create attractive social media ads or meaningful media content to promote your business.

Lyrics Video

You want to make an impact on your Youtube channel with your music but you don’t have time or budget for a music video clip? A Lyrics Video might be what you are looking for; it’s faster and a low-budget solution, yet quality is optimized.


E-Learning are a great media tool to teach your audience. I have a huge experience in eLearning video and I can help you to make beautiful content for your business.