Worth a story


film production

Film and post production services

Engage your audience with a video. Promote your business or event, hire me to film and edit your story.

Data animation

Motion graphics and animation services

Explain your product, event or services with an animation, or promote your business with motion graphics on social media.

The power of storytelling

Storytelling is an ancient practice used by mankind to spread an idea, move people and connect them. Is essential to our cultures, imprinted to our cores as human beings. This is why the usage of video as media, for storytelling, has such impact in people’s life; and became one of the most used communication media. If the message is clear and used within the right channels, it can reach out a million of people and make you more visible. My job and main object is to listen to your story; transform your message into a fine movie, tailored for your audience.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

 – Seth Godin

Do you want to know how much cost to make a video?

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– Something that matter

Supporting a cause

Do you also have that thought:

“I would like to contribute more”?

Great! We are more!

In 2020, I’ve decided that I would make more mindful choices that falls under certain ideas and values. I’m working with people and businesses that cares to make sustainable choices and do not think only profit. Also, I’m creating a donation system out of some commissions to help causes like: water issue, pollution, global-warming, sustainability and open-source tech.